Spare parts Manufacturing Transformed

Transformation of the industrial sphere is one of the world’s current megatrends. Our solutions help manufacturers monetize connected products, connected operations, and connected customers.


Understanding a business need along with mapping, performed by a functional consultant in the setup of the application and use of advanced technologies.

Focussed Solutions

Specially curated expert business solutions empowering buinsess requirements curated in accordance to industry type and end goal.

Product Development

Modification of an existing product or its presentation, or formulation of an entirely new product that satisfies a newly defined customer want or market niche.

User-friendly Design

UI designed in complaince with Human Interface Guidelines that delivers delightful user experience, higher user adoption rates and easier onboarding.


Avon Biwheeler

Largest Manufacturer of Biwheeler accessories

Avon is the #1 manufacturer of skin fit seat covers & stainless steel Two Wheeler Accessories.

  • ClientJason Richardson
  • IndustryManufacturing
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Secret Temptation

More than just a fragrance

Secret Temptation is a well known leading female grooming-personal care brand from McNROE Consumer Products Pvt Ltd.

  • ClientMcNROE Consumer Products
  • IndustryLifeStyle / Fashion / E-Commerce
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King Koil

The Mattress King of America

King Koil Licensing Company is firmly established as a leading global brand and provider of high quality mattresses. With over 30 licensees worldwide servicing over 90 countries spanning 6 continents, King Koil is positioned to provide people from all over the world a healthier night's sleep.

  • Client
  • IndustryManufacturing
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