How we Bill

Deploying the right people with the right skills to the right position, job, or project is more than just another task to be streamlined — for many companies, it’s a strategic issue as well.

Typically, a client will contact us with a project or a small task and ask “How much time will that take you?” Our answer is always just our best guess. We don’t always know what we will find once we dig into the issue. Sometimes it’s a quick fix, but other times, we might uncover issues with legacy code, or old software that has become vulnerable to hackers, a hosting configuration problem, a bug, or an issue with a 3rd party plugin. Our mandate is to communicate with you and offer you options and solutions.

Many clients request a fixed bid for design or programming. These are tough because we really have to clearly understand the tasks and the framework and that may take many hours of effort before a project even starts. On more complex projects, we bill a client for a “Discovery” phase. This gives our developers and designers time to dig into the requirements and write up a list of deliverables and associated time estimates so that client expectations are set.

Unlike some of these bill-churning offenders, we often put in many hours that we don’t bill, though we probably should.

How Do we calculate the cost?

Depending on the size of the project, the time-to-market requirements, and our availability, we’ll configure the team we think is best suited to build your project. Our most typical team consists of two developers and a front-end designer working on your project until the first release, supported by a Product Manager, a Project Coordinator, and our QA team. For our typical team, each four-week month costs for example $6000 based on:

(2 dev + 1 design) = 3 resources x 5 days-a-week x 4 weeks = 60 resource days x $100 = $6,000

If someone’s out sick or there’s a holiday, you only pay for the day's someone is actually working on your project, so this will sometimes be lower. Each bi-weekly invoice for our 3-resource team thus usually comes in at $6000. We'll also bill for dedicated PM time as needed on the project, which can add to that amount depending on the complexity of the project.

We would love to hear about your project.