Custom Aplication Development Company

A Custom Application Development Company that can develop and deliver a custom ERP Solution based on your business requirements and to help you grow your business exponentially by automating all your reoccuring tasks.

Custom Application Development Company
Building Scalable, Secure & Interactive Solutions
Software Product Development

Bank on our custom software development services to enhance your solution’s security, accelerate time to market, and drive exceptional customer value.

Built on Cloud Platform

Leverage the power of cloud computing and integration it with great agility of our full-stack engineers to bring an innovative and secure erp solution.

Enterprise Solutions

Products designed to operate in a dynamic and disruptive enterprise environment vastly influenced by the advent of disruption in technology.

Safe and Secure

ERP Solutions developed with clean and efficient coding methodologies that protects the system and keeps the data secure.

Embedded with AI

Integrated Artificial Intelligence capabilities that makes the system smarter by implementing automation of activities powered by neural networks.


A 100% reliable ERP system that offers a robust work environment and has zero downtime.

Our Approach to Custom Software Development

Our dedication to building a long-term collaboration is evident in the full-cycle services we offer which cover from-start-to-finish production and implementation. Our project management system regularly communicates its activities and deliverables with 100% transparency.

  • Design: In the design phase, our primary focus is to create a flawless end user experience for your completed application. We use an interactive process of user feedback and wire-framing to help us reduce the workflow to its most efficient and intuitive design.
  • Develop: Throughout development, your personal Orient Software Scrum Master maintains a macroscopic perspective of the project and serves as your individual contact point, easing all communication and ensuring the project timeline by matching the most appropriate development techniques and methodologies with the best domain expertise and project management tools.
  • Quality Assurance: Our QA and testing processes are crafted according to internationally recognized QA standards and practices, and we combine this with advanced testing tools to safeguard the delivery of high quality software.
  • Deployment: Our software engineers at Asterro Technologies deploy your application to a test environment regularly. When the time comes for production deployment, there will be no surprises as the software has been fully tested.
Our value-driven approach
Rock-solid Security

Safe and Secure solutions developed using overarching approach to enable security and privacy across several areas and constantly optimize it to comply with the stringiest requirements and regulations.

Top-grade quality assurance

Strongly adhering to a comprehensive, industry-leading approach to quality, we engage QA engineers in the development process in initial stages of development.

Automated Testing Environment

Underpinned by multi-year experience in continuous assessment, our QA team automates not only tests, but also the production infrastructure in which tests are run and the process of analyzing and tracking the test outcomes.

Risk management and mitigation

Our team prepares a fully transparent Risk Register that includes our best practices for risk mitigation and prevention, and continuously updates it throughout the project lifecycle.

Application Integration & Consolidation

Enables numerous different businesses to grow in the web and mobile marketplace through our outstanding application integration and consolidation services.

Maintenance and Support

Our partnership with you doesn’t stop once the product has been built. We offer a comprehensive support and maintenance package based on clearly defined SLAs.

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